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Car washes use less water

With a restricted schedule for outdoor water use statewide, when can you wash your car? A UGA expert says you’ll save time and water during the drought if you do it at a car wash.

Many people visit car washes because they save time. But they save water, too.

“Most measurements and surveys indicate that it takes less water to wash a vehicle at a car wash than it does washing it at home,” said Rose Mary Seymour, a water specialist with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

She recommends using a car wash that recycles its water. Washing cars at home uses more water partly because many people don’t take the time to attach an adjustable nozzle to their hose, according to Seymour.

“The water that flows down the driveway while you’re washing your car is a huge waste,” she said. “Use a bucket of sudsy water to wash your car. And turn on the water only when you’re ready to rinse.”