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CCRC symposium to focus on advances in glycoscience

Scientists from around the world will gather at UGA’s Complex Carbohydrate Research Center April 28 to discuss the future of glycoscience and emerging technologies that may speed the development of new treatments for a variety of debilitating diseases.

This is the ninth year that CCRC has held the Georgia Glycoscience Symposium, where scientists present cutting-edge carbohydrate research. The deadline for registration is April 1.

Complex carbohydrates or glycans are one of the four classes of macromolecules of life that are involved in essentially all physiological or pathological processes.

The CCRC is one of only a very few centers worldwide dedicated to the study of complex carbohydrates, which play critical roles in cellular communication, gene expression, immunology, organism defense mechanisms, growth and development.

“The ninth Georgia Glycoscience Symposium will bring together a stellar group of world renown speakers who will discuss the multidisciplinary nature of glycoscience emphasizing the use and integration of both biological and chemical methods for this research,” said Alan Darvill, Regents Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Plant Biology and director of the CCRC.

The one-day symposium will be split into four independent sessions chaired by UGA faculty and featuring researchers from a variety of universities and research centers, including Emory University, the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Scripps Research Institute, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the University of California, Los Angeles.

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