Campus News

Chancellor shares priorities with regents

In his first formal remarks to the board of regents this month, newly appointed University System of Georgia Chancellor Erroll B. Davis Jr. said his immediate plans are to visit the USG’s 35 campuses to meet presidents, faculty, staff and students balanced against working with the General Assembly on Gov. Sonny Perdue’s fiscal year 2007 budget recommendations for the University System. He also plans to meet in the coming months with regents and business and community leaders to understand the issues and challenges facing public higher education in Georgia.

Davis said he places a high emphasis on creating a record of accountability to the state’s residents for the University System’s performance.

“Never before in the nation’s history has the creation of a more educated society held such great significance for the future of this state and our nation,” he said.

The system’s success would ultimately be measured by its impact on students and on society, according to Davis. In particular, improving the retention and graduation of students and expanding the system’s role in economic development will be key thrusts of his administration.

“In a world in which some countries are just beginning to realize the dynamic power higher education holds to transform societies, our role in affirming that truth here in Georgia takes on a new, competitive urgency,” he said.