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Clinical faculty bridge campus and professional community

In addition to new tenured and tenure-track faculty, the university welcomes nine new clinical faculty who are educators as well as practitioners in health and other professions.

Clinical faculty are involved in the supervision and training of students, interns or residents in professional settings. Like their tenure-track colleagues, they typically hold terminal degrees. Their scholarship varies, but is often focused on advancing professional practice or enhancing education in clinical settings.

“Clinical track faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine are vital to all of our missions,” said Dean Sheila Allen. “They play critical roles in educating our students in clinical veterinary medicine and in serving farmers and other clients of our Teaching Hospital and diagnostic laboratories. They also collaborate with other faculty in translational research by applying scientific discoveries in the clinical arena.”

The Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy have long had clinical faculty, and in recent years the psychology department, part of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Education have added clinical faculty. In many ways, these faculty members serve as a link between the university and the professional communities off campus.

“Our clinical faculty bring a deep level of practical knowledge to the instruction of students in various educational and human services degree programs,” said Craig ­Kennedy, dean of the College of Education. “These individuals help build bridges with the community, provide in-depth knowledge of clinical practices, and are a resource for other faculty within the College of ­Education.”

New clinical faculty for the 2013-2014 academic year are:

• Robert M. Capuozzo, clinical assistant professor, educational theory and practice;

• Mary Kathleen Guay, clinical assistant professor, language and literacy education;

• Bethany Marie Hamilton-Jones, clinical assistant professor, communication sciences and special education;

• Amy Lynn Heath, clinical assistant professor, language and literacy education;

• Andrea M. Jones, clinical assistant professor, psychology;

• Denise M. Oen, clinical assistant professor, educational theory and practice;

• Emmanuel Rollin, clinical assistant professor, dairy production medicine;

• Robert Stawicki, clinical assistant professor, large animal reproduction; and

• Jarred Mathew Williams, clinical assistant professor, large animal emergency medicine.