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Clinical psychology program earns national ranking in two areas

UGA’s clinical psychology program received high rankings in two areas, according to a study recently released by a prestigious journal in the field.

UGA’s program ranked sixth in the U.S. in training and graduating doctoral students who go on to become academic research faculty at other schools. It also ranked 10th in the number of publications produced by graduates of its Ph.D. program.

The study was published in the July edition of the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

“We are gratified to see these results,” said L. Stephen Miller, director of Clinical Training and also director of UGA’s Bio-imaging Research Center. “As a program, we are dedicated to developing the highest qualified clinical scientists who will make significant contributions to the field of clinical psychology.

“The JCP results are another indicator of the high level of excellence of our program, the psychology department in general and the University of Georgia. We continue to graduate excellent clinical scholars, place our students in fine internships and maintain excellent incoming classes,” Miller added.

Some 166 graduate programs in clinical psychology were assessed in the study to rank schools on numbers of graduates who later become faculty members. The second study, on research productivity, ranked some 1,916 individuals.