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Compliance team members at work on reaccreditation efforts

Members of a key committee are currently at work to assure that UGA is in compliance with various requirements as the university undertakes the lengthy process of seeking reaffirmation of its accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

David Shipley, T.R.R. Cobb Professor of Law and former dean of the law school, chairs the Compliance Team, which will address what SACS refers to as the “principles” of accreditation: core requirements, comprehensive standards and federal requirements. The team will review each principle and provide the SACS Review Committee with the necessary evidence that UGA is in compliance.

“Significant advance work was done in key areas of compliance this past summer,” said Bob Boehmer, associate provost for institutional effectiveness and a member of the Compliance Team. “For example, documentation of faculty credentials in their specific area of expertise is an area of focus by SACS at this time. The Office of Faculty Affairs oversaw a review of each individual faculty file to assure that those files contain the required documentation of the highest degree of each faculty member.”

In addition to Boehmer and Shipley, members of the Compliance Team include Jorge Atiles, College of Family and Consumer Sciences; Allan Aycock, Office of Institutional Effectiveness; Paul Brooks, College of Pharmacy; Cathy Clutter, Office of Extended Campuses; Mac Corry, External Affairs; Joe Crim, Office of the Vice President for Instruction; Bill Crowe, Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel; and Jan Davis-Barham, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Others include Kathleen Demarrais, College of Education; Jane Gatewood, International Education; Diana Hartle, Libraries; Jan Hathcote, College of Family and Consumer Sciences; Nelson Hilton, Center for Teaching and Learning; Ralph Johnson, Physical Plant; David Jordan, Program Review and Assessment; Tricia Kalivoda, Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach; Rehan Khan, Office of the Chief Information Officer; Fiona Liken, Curriculum Systems; Rebecca Macon, Registrar; and Nancy McDuff, Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Also on the team is Ryan Nesbit, Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; Julie Noelke, Program Review and Assessment; Hugh Ruppersburg, Franklin College of Arts and ­Sciences; Tracie Sapp, Institutional Research; Bob Scott, Office of the Vice President for Research; Steve Shewmaker, Office of Legal Affairs; Jayne Smith, Faculty Affairs; Welch Suggs, President’s Office; Robin Tricoli, Strategic Planning; Jan Wheeler, Accreditation; Carla Williams, Athletics; and Adam Wyatt, Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

“The members of the Compliance Team have expertise and experience in their disciplines. Moreover, they represent all of the academic, research and service components of the university,” said Shipley. “Working groups have been formed to focus on some of the most challenging issues with SACS accreditation such as faculty credentials, distance education and reporting substantive change. These groups are meeting regularly and making progress.”