Computer Trespass Update Advisory

University of Georgia Police Department

Athens, Ga. — On October 5, 2012 the University of Georgia Police Department received a report of the unauthorized access of UGA computer systems that contained personnel records of past and current employees. An investigation into the matter was begun at that time.

The subsequent investigation identified the individual responsible for the incident as twenty-six year old Athens resident Charles Stapler Stell, who attended classes at the University of Georgia between summer semester 2005 and spring semester 2007. During the course of the investigation, Charles Stapler Stell was found deceased. Preliminary investigation by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department indicates no foul play and that Mr. Stell most likely took his own life, however, the final determination is pending crime lab results.

The employee files involved in the initial security breach were found under the control of Mr. Stell during the ensuing forensic evaluation of evidence obtained during the course of the investigation. There is no indication that any of the information left Mr. Stell’s control after he took unlawful possession of it, nor does it appear that any of the information has been used for any additional criminal purpose.

The University Police Department still encourages everyone to be vigilant in protecting their personal information. Monitoring your credit and keeping pass words and security questions complex and secure are highly encouraged first steps. For additional information on minimizing the risk of identity theft, please visit http://fraudconcerns.uga.edu for information on what to do if you feel you have been the victim of identity fraud.