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Conserve energy while at work

There are a few simple guidelines that can help save energy, money and the environment while at work.

When working in the office:

  • If there is a thermostat, adjust it to an energy-saving setting. During warmer months, set it to approximately 74 degrees. During colder months, set it to approximately 68 degrees.
  • Take advantage of natural lighting instead of turning on a light or lamp.
  • Set computers, monitors and copiers to sleep mode.

When leaving for a short period of time:

  • Turn off incandescent lights before leaving the room. Turn off fluorescent lights if leaving for more than 10 minutes (turning fluorescent lights on and off too frequently can decrease the amount of time they will work).
  • Turn off the computer monitor or set it to automatically go into sleep mode.

When leaving for the day:

  • Turn off the computer, lights and other equipment or appliances Unplug the equipment or turn it off at the power switch. 
  • Set the thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer-between 76 and 78 degrees-and a few degrees lower in the winter-to approximately 65 degrees.