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University Architects receive design award for Stegeman Coliseum renovation

Renovations to Stegeman Coliseum netted the Office of University Architects statewide honors from the American Institute of Architects. On Oct. 15, the office received the AIA Georgia 2011 Honor Design Award—the top award for the state.

“We’re excited that we got high honors from our peers,” said campus architect Danny Sniff. “To the best of my knowledge, it’s only the second award from the AIA in 20 years that we’ve received. The first was for the botanical garden, and it was in a religious category. This award was for the innovative design of the Coliseum, which put this award at the highest level.”

The award recognized the University Architects’ design for the Stegeman Coliseum renovations, which include its building-framing glass walls, an upgraded concession area, a larger concourse area and new bathrooms, merchandising area, first aid room and ticket sales area.

The renovations added 10,000 square feet of concourse space. The restroom additions brought the building up to current plumbing fixture codes.

The renovations began May 12. While the updates were functionally complete by the start of the 2010-2011 basketball season, the expansion was not officially dedicated until Jan. 18.