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Diabetes study participants

Do you have Type 1 diabetes? The kinesiology department at UGA’s College of Education is conducting a research study to learn more about how Type 1 diabetes affects muscle metabolism and endurance. To be in this study, participants would need to either have a medical diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes or be a nondiabetic subject who generally matches the characteristics of someone with diabetes in the study.

Researchers are seeking men and women ages 35-50 who are willing to answer some general medical questions, take a finger prick test to measure blood glucose and/or HbA1c, and have their forearm muscles tested. The testing, which is noninvasive, will last approximately one hour.

A subset of individuals also will be asked to complete testing of their muscles in a magnetic resonance spectroscopy, or MRS, machine. This test, which also is noninvasive, will last approximately 90 minutes.

Other requirements for participation in the study include: no drinking alcohol 48 hours prior to testing, no smoking, no kidney disease, no heart or blood vessel disease, no muscle disease, no hormone disorder (excluding Type 1 diabetes), no sickle cell anemia, no neurological injury or disease and no other major medical condition.

People who participate in the study can be compensated $20 for each test session in which they participate (one, two or three sessions).

For more information, contact Lauren Brown by email at or phone at 706-542-1129.