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Digital privacy focus of new book

Transparency 2.0: Digital Data and Privacy in a Wired World
Co-edited by Charles N. Davis and David Cuillier
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
Hardcover: $149.95 Softcover: $39.95

Transparency 2.0: Digital Data and Privacy in a Wired World—edited by Charles N. Davis, dean of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and David Cuillier, director of the Arizona School of Journalism—investigates issues around the collision of information and personal privacy in a digital world.

Delving into the key legal concepts of information access and privacy, contributors examine issues regarding online access to court records, social media, access to email and complications from government data dumps by WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden and others. They offer solutions to resolving conflict and look to the future as a new generation learns to live in an open digital world where the line between information and privacy blurs ever faster.