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Disability Resource Center recognizes student, faculty accomplishments

The Disability Resource Center recognized some of UGA’s brightest and most resilient students at its annual Student and Faculty Recognition Reception Nov. 6 in the Grand Hall of the Tate Student Center.

The program spotlights students registered with the Disability Resource Center who were awarded scholarships. These scholarships are funded by supporters of the Disability Resource Center to offer financial aid to students with disabilities.

At the reception, students like Ashley Stone, who was awarded the Orkin Family Scholarship, told their stories about overcoming obstacles to excel at UGA.

Stone suffered a traumatic brain injury after a car accident. Though doctors recommended she not return to school, Stone has persevered.

“The injury does impact me as a student,” she said, “but it doesn’t stop me.”

Although making A’s on tests doesn’t come as easily as it used to, Stone said she puts in extra time studying for classes to achieve academic success.

The Disability Resource Center assists the university in fulfilling its commitment to educate and serve students with disabilities. The center coordinates and provides a variety of academic and support services to students, including note taking, sign language interpretation and test accommodations.

Victor Wilson, vice president for student affairs, said the scholars recognized at the reception were among the brightest and most accomplished students on campus.

Provost Pamela Whitten presented the Outstanding Faculty Award at the reception to Ashley Harrison, an assistant professor of school psychology in the College of Education’s educational psychology department.

Harrison’s research focuses on autism spectrum disorders, including assessment and treatment approaches in countries and minority groups with insufficient access to ASD services. In addition, Harrison has worked with the Disability Resource Center to promote learning strategies for students with autism spectrum disorders.

In addition to Stone, the following students were recognized as scholarship recipients: Ian Berry, the Radcliff Scholarship; Joshua Jones, the Elizabeth and J.C. Faulkner Scholarship; Miriam Ilunga, Swati Patel and Reyna Vargas, the Gregory Charles Johnson Scholarship; Kathryn Cushen, the Matthew Peddicord Memorial Scholarship; Dillon Fraizer, the Dale Gibson Memorial Scholarship; Michele Rothstein and Mehreen Sultana, the Lupuloff Family Scholarship; Audra Jackson and Tate Hutwagner, the John and Frances Mangan Family Scholarship; Douglas Alt, the Margaret Towson Scholarship; Carden Wyckoff, the Joe Coile Award; Joshua Craig, Jessica Rebaza and Allison Rogg, the Weldon Johnson Access Abroad Award; Katie Bigelow, the Carey Louis Davis Scholarship; Kathryn Mauldin and Kailey Profeta, the Hamilton Family Scholarship; David Yri, the Margaret C. Totty Memorial Award; Rosa Cromartie and Britney Hardweare, the Choate Family Scholarship; Joseph Baxter, the Michael E. Merriman Memorial Scholarship; and John Pickering, the Lauren Melissa Kelly Scholarship.