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Diversity Advisory Council formed, members named

A Diversity Advisory Council made up of administrators, faculty, staff and students has been named by the Office of Institutional Diversity.

The 36-member council has been charged by Provost Arnett C. Mace Jr. to develop a UGA Diversity Action Plan with recommendations  for implementation by all campus units.

The council will be asked to present a comprehensive report within 12-15 months with  models for “best practices” that can be replicated at departmental levels.       

The council also will engage in conducting a university-wide cultural climate study in order to gain input from students, faculty and staff on their sense of
UGA being an inclusive campus.

“This is an important step for the Office of Institutional Diversity,” said Cheryl Dozier, associate provost for institutional diversity. “The Diversity Advisory Council is intended to be a broad-based group that will assist in the design and implementation of strategies to advance and enhance diversity at UGA.”

The council will be divided into subcommittees to tackle specific projects,  but also will meet as a group six times annually.

Seven administrators will serve as ex-officio members and be available as consultants.

“We also intend for the council to provide public campus forums for the discussion of diversity-related issues,” Dozier said. “We want to promote a campus dialogue about diversity with a particular focus on ensuring a sense of inclusion. It’s important to identify barriers to achieving greater diversity at UGA and provide recommendations on how to overcome those barriers.”

Members of the Diversity Advisory Council are: Jorge Atiles, associate dean, College of Family and Consumer Sciences; Juanita Johnson-Bailey, professor, College of Education; Bob Boehmer, associate provost, Institutional Effectiveness; Eric Bonaparte, director of Minority Business Development, Public Service and Outreach; Joe Broder, associate dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; José Buitrago, assistant professor, College of Environment and Design; Anthony Capomacchia, associate professor, College of Pharmacy; Cully Clark, dean, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication; Kimberly Clay, assistant professor, School of Social Work; Mac Corry, executive director, External Affairs; Joe Crim, associate vice president, Instruction; Kimberly Davis, graduate student, Graduate Student Association; Mark Dawkins, associate professor, Terry College of Business; Juliett Dinkins, editor, Public Affairs; Michael Johnson, assistant to the dean, Graduate School; Karen Kalivoda, director of Disability Resource Center, Student Affairs; Maritza Soto Keen, director of Latino initiatives, International Public Service and Outreach; Florence King, librarian, University Libraries; Jerry Legge, associate dean, School of Public and International Affairs; Rosemary Max, director, International Education; Larry Morris, professor and graduate coordinator, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources; Annette Ogletree-McDougal, marketing director, Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel; Jenny Penny Oliver, academic professional, College of Education; Jessica Orbock, UGARF legal counsel, Research; Pamela Orpinas, professor, College of Public Health; Kathy Pharr, assistant vice president, Finance and Administration; Catherine Pringle, professor, Odum School of Ecology; Gregory Roseboro, associate director of admission, School of Law; Holley Schramski, associate vice president, Finance and Administration; Melissa Shivers, director of Intercultural Affairs, Student Affairs; Kecia Thomas, associate dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences; Amrita Veliyath, senator, Student Government Association; Barbara White, CIO and associate provost, Information Technology; Carla Williams, assistant director, Athletic Association; Susan Williams, assistant professor, College of Veterinary Medicine; and Kojo Mensa-Wilmot, professor, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

Ex-officio members are: Derrick Alridge, director, Institute for African-American Studies; Tom Gausvik, associate vice president, Human Resources; Steve Shewmaker, executive director, Legal Affairs; Michael Shutt, assistant dean, Student Affairs; Mimi Sodhi, assistant provost, Office of Institutional Diversity; Jace Weaver, director, Institute of Native American Studies; and Matthew Winston, assistant to the president, Office of the President.