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Don’t hibernate during winter months

The temperature has dropped and sunsets come earlier, but Lauren Healey, a Cooperative Extension 4-H youth development agent in Oconee County, says not to let your family hibernate through the cold weather.

Heading out into nature is a great way to soak up this colorful season and enjoy the outdoors—especially in more moderate weather. A walk in the woods, fields or even the county park, gives children the opportunity to see the season up close. It is also a great way to come together as a family after a busy school and work week.

You don’t need any special equipment for an afternoon hike, she said, just jackets, water and snacks. Kids may enjoy bringing crayons to make leaf rubbings and bags for collecting things like acorns or unusual leaves.

For older children, and on days when you can’t stay outside, a trip to a museum is a great way to spend the day, according to Healey. These trips can be both fun and educational. Consider your child’s interests, if he is excited by art or mummies try to find museums or exhibits that focus on those subjects.

She also advised trying to relate information your child already knows to that of the exhibit. For example, a knight’s armor serves the same purpose as a bicycle helmet or a catcher’s mask—it protects the body.