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Faculty, students honored at this year’s DRC reception

DRC Reception-H.Group2011
From left: Tom Burke

It’s understood that the Disability Resource Center’s annual Student and Faculty Recognition Reception allows students who receive scholarships the chance to thank their benefactors. What’s less well known is that it also provides something else that’s important to disabled students: a podium.

“Educating the community is a pursuit that any person with a disability wishes to have the opportunity to do because there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about disabilities,” said Braydon Anderson, a freshman who received the John and Frances Mangan Family Scholarship.

Each scholarship recipient was given the chance to share their stories with the audience during the  Nov. 10  program.

In ­addition, the Outstanding Faculty Award was presented to Vicky Wilkins, professor of public administration and policy in the School of Public and International Affairs. Other recipients include Megan Cannon and Lauren Fiechtl, who received the Gregory Charles Johnson Scholarship; Anna Briggs and Amarachi Anukam, who received the Weldon Johnson Access Abroad Award; Callie Heintzman, who received the Matthew Peddicord Memorial Scholarship; Adam Sarafian, who received the John and Frances Mangan Family Scholarship; Kailey Profeta, who ALSO received the Hamilton Family Scholarship; Estefania Gomez, who received the Choate Family Scholarship; Joshua Norton, who received the Joe Coile Award; Alexander Lunn, who received the Lauren Melissa Kelly Award; and Christopher Morehouse, who received the Carey Louis Davis Award.