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Ecology student researches in Hawaii

Grad 2015.Erin Abernethy-h. env
Erin Abernethy

At UGA, students aren’t limited to learning inside the classroom. One graduating student shares how her hands-on learning experience impacted her UGA academic experience and her life. 

Erin Abernethy
M.S. in Ecology
Researched invasive species in Hawaii

“While there are many life skills to be learned from simply living in Hawaii-how to open a coconut, surf, cliff jump, avoid lava cracks-the most valuable skill I learned was how to get a large-scale research project off the ground and completed in a remote location. I also returned home to the Savannah River Ecology Lab and processed the hundreds of thousands of photos that had been taken by the motion sensor cameras.”

What’s next: Ph.D. in integrative biology at Oregon State University

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