Campus News

EITS launches new site for Web pages

Students, faculty and staff have a new home for their Web pages, replacing the current ARCHES system. Utilizing the convenience of MyUGA ( university’s portal-MyWeb offers students, faculty and staff the following advantages:

  • a new Web address: The old ARCHES address of will continue to work. You can list or promote your site with the new address;
  • quota increase to 100 megabytes (from 10 megabytes). The MyDrive quota, which currently provides Internet-accessible file storage space through MyUGA, is being increased to 100 megabytes. The new MyWeb is supported by the existing MyDrive, so both services benefit from the quota increase; and 
  • Web site management directly through MyUGA. After logging into MyUGA, users will see a MyWeb button located along side the other services (UGAMail, WebCT, etc.).

Other available Web site management methods in addition to MyUGA are described on the MyWeb information site at