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EITS shares information regarding Zoom

EITS is sharing important information regarding accessing Zoom using UGA Single Sign-On and upcoming plans for the integration of Zoom with Kaltura.

  • New UGA SSO requirement with Zoom: Beginning May 31, users who currently do not use UGA SSO with the Zoom application will need to use their UGA MyID to access Zoom at This will assure verified access to UGA integrations and the LMS functionality.
  • Zoom/Kaltura integration: Starting June 1, Zoom and Kaltura will be integrated. Following the integration, future Zoom recordings will be automatically uploaded to Kaltura if cloud recording is turned on in your Zoom subaccount. You can determine if cloud recording is turned on by reviewing the settings for your account.
  • Zoom recordings prior to June 1: Zoom cloud recordings made prior to June 1 will not automatically be uploaded to Kaltura after the integration. Zoom users are strongly encouraged to work with their Zoom administrator to make sure all Zoom recordings that need to be saved have been manually uploaded to Kaltura by June 30.

As a reminder, information on securing Zoom sessions, FAQs, support and additional information is available at