Elite historian

Editor’s note: This video profile is part of a series about UGA faculty who were named Distinguished Research Professors in 2017.

Claudio Saunt, Richard B. Russell Professor in American History, has made tremendous contributions to the fields of early American, Native American and digital history, and to understanding the complexities of our world.

He is among an elite cohort of historians who have gained scholarly and public attention for their inclusive, continental approaches to American history, and his perspectives permeate virtually all new historical scholarship. Saunt has published three award-winning books, but his belief that history is not merely for academicians has also guided his expansion into the digital world, including creating an online presence for American history.

One of the first scholars to recognize the value and possibilities of digital technology, he has used mega-data to create highly demonstrative digital mapping and interactive projects that reconstruct changing American population dynamics, land cessions, disease and Native demography. His forthcoming book, “Aboriginia: Mass Deportation and the Road to Indian Territory,” is anticipated to become the leading history of Indian Removal.