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Employees contribute water tips

Although recent rains have increased the water level at Bear Creek Reservoir, the Level 4 drought continues in Athens and the surrounding areas. Water conservation remains a priority. Members of the UGA community offer these water-saving tips and more online (

• Turn off the water while you lather your body, wash your hair or shave in the shower.
• When waiting for the shower to get hot, capture the water in a bucket. Use it for pet’s drinking water, watering plants, various household cleaning jobs or for flushing the toilet.
• Save the water from cooking (boiling eggs or pasta, steaming vegetables) to use on your plants.
• Only fill the pet’s water dish half full. You’ll waste less water when it’s time to refill (don’t forget to pour the old water on plants).
• Use an electric shaver instead of a razor.
• When brewing a pot of coffee or tea, only make the amount of cups you intend to drink instead of a full pot.
• Install a shower head with a pause feature that will slow the flow of water when soaping up or shampooing, while keeping the temperature constant.
• Carry your own drinking bottle to use at water fountains.
• Instead of discarding small amounts of water left in drinking glasses, use it to water plants, etc.