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Employees should review balances for new Shared Leave program

UGA will be changing its Shared Leave program Jan. 1 to comply with the manner in which the program is administered by the University System of Georgia.

The Shared Leave program still will allow employees who have a serious illness and have exhausted all forms of sick and annual leave to apply to receive leave donated by other employees. The program will now further permit the use of shared leave for the care of seriously ill immediate family members instead of being limited to employees only.

The program is changing in several ways, and Human Resources encourages employees to review their sick leave balance before the benefits open enrollment period.

One primary change: Anyone who wants access to shared leave as of January 2017 must donate sick leave to a leave pool during the fall 2016 open enrollment period. During this time, employees who wish to participate must donate a minimum of eight hours of sick leave, but are eligible to donate up to 80 hours. To donate, employees must have at least 40 hours of sick leave remaining as of Jan. 1, 2017, after the donation is taken from their sick leave balances. Participation in this program is voluntary; however, to participate and be eligible to use shared leave, an employee must have donated to the program.

For more information, see the current UGA Shared Leave guidelines at×1 and view the University System of Georgia Shared Leave program at

Human Resources will share additional information about the revised Shared Leave program during open enrollment this fall. In the meantime, call HR at 706-542-2222 with questions about the Shared Leave program.

Source: Human Resources