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Equal Opportunity Office adds new optional training program

UGA is committed to creating an environment that respects the dignity of all members of the university community and promotes the safety of everyone.

In its 2015 Campus Safety and Security Committee Report, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia identified training for employees on issues of sexual misconduct as a priority. According to the report, employees should “receive specific education and training with regard to reporting responsibilities, requests for confidentiality and other matters related to the prevention of sexual misconduct.” As part of this initiative, UGA’s Equal Opportunity Office is complementing its existing sexual misconduct training through the online module Haven for Employees.

Haven for Employees consists of two parts, which in total take between 45 minutes and one hour to complete. Participation in the training program is optional, but those who wish to do so should complete the first module by Dec. 2. They will then receive a reminder to complete the second module by Feb. 3.

Haven for Employees is at Contact the Equal Opportunity Office 706-542-7912 for more details.

Source: Equal Opportunity Office