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Essays focus on strategic intelligence

Essentials of Strategic Intelligence
Edited by Loch K. Johnson
Praeger Security Studies
Hardcover: $66; Paperback: $44

Essentials of Strategic Intelligence, a collection of 22 essays gathered and edited by Loch K. Johnson, Regents Professor of Public and International Affairs in the UGA School of Public and International Affairs, presents the findings and recommendations of leading authorities on the subject of strategic intelligence in the U.S. and abroad.

The topics include a close look at the controversial National Security Agency and its bulk metadata intelligence collection activities; an examination of the circumstances behind the intelligence failures related to the 9/11 attacks and suspected weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; probes into the most aggressive aspect of intelligence activity, CIA drone attacks and other forms of “covert action”; and evaluations of efforts to craft safeguards against the abuse of secret power in democratic societies.