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Etern-a-Sin-e-Plex brings creative satire to art school

Etern-a-Sin-e-Plex, an exhibition of installation work by David Sandlin, 2007-2008 Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair, is on display at the Lamar Dodd School of Art’s Main Gallery until Feb. 29. An opening reception with Sandlin will be held Feb. 7 from 6–8 p.m.

Faith, hucksterism and a seedy alternate universe with the same challenges as our own take center stage in this collection. “Sinland” is imparted upon Georgia soil in this exhibition, a tour de force of the artist’s installation work, essentially artifacts created for and about a world parallel to ours.

Exploring the puritanical underpinnings of modern America, based on freedom and justice yet fueled by capitalism, hyper-consumerism and intolerance, Sandlin’s social satire is manifested in paintings, drawings, artist’s books, printmaking and writing—all of which center upon a recurring character, Bill Grimm, who through these media “evolves” from a truck-driving womanizing everyman into a purveyor of “puritanical novelty items.”