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Exhibition catalog examines works of Pier Francesco Foschi

“Wealth and Beauty: Pier Francesco Foschi and Painting in Renaissance Florence” is the first exhibition catalog dedicated to Pier Francesco Foschi (1502-1567), a highly prolific and fashionable Florentine painter whose career spanned almost five decades. Despite his success during his life, he fell into nearly complete obscurity after his death.

This volume offers a timely and critical reevaluation of this versatile and innovative Renaissance artist, featuring paintings and drawings by Foschi and his contemporaries along with decorative arts objects that provide insight into the world of wealthy 16th-century Florentines. It includes essays by:

  • Nelda Damiano, Pierre Daura Curator of European Art, Georgia Museum of Art, and the organizing curator for the exhibition.
  • Simone Giordani, professor of art history at “Aurelio Saffi” Institute, Florence.
  • David Franklin, curator with the Archive of Modern Conflict, Thomson Collection, Toronto and London, U.K.
  • Elizabeth Currie, freelance lecturer and author specializing in the history of fashion and textiles.

Each image in the exhibition is illustrated full page with numerous comparatives. Damiano, Giordano, Franklin, Currie, Philippe Costamagna, Dale L. Couch, Ian Hicks, Amanda Hilliam, Robert G. La France, Amanda Mikolic and Perri Lee Roberts contributed entries.