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Extension coordinator discusses yellow-legged hornet eradication efforts

Tim Davis, Chatham County extension coordinator in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, recently spoke with GPB about the presence of the invasive yellow-legged hornet in Georgia. This species preys on bees and other pollinators crucial to crops.

A yellow-legged hornet nest was found near Savannah in September, the second spotting since the first in August. State crews dismantled the nest which was later examined by researchers who found no evidence that it was spawning new queens or males. Because the production of new queens and males is essential in establishing a new colony or nest, there are good chances of successful eradication.

Davis highlights the importance of public participation in the eradication efforts.

“Education and public outreach and the public’s involvement is going to be very, very key to our success in this,” said Davis. “We need them to keep reporting, keep looking, keep trapping … so that we can continue to define where they are.”

Davis explained that in the process of eradication, crews will capture, tag and release the hornet back into the wild, before monitoring its flight path to pinpoint its final destination.