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Faculty learning communities

Nine faculty learning communities are planned for next year, and April 11 is the application deadline to join them.

Facilitated by faculty and staff, next year’s communities include “Digital Storytelling,” “Facilitating Critical Thinking in Lecture Classes,” “Non-Western Ways of Knowing and Thinking,” “Globalizing the Curriculum: Trends, Driving Forces, Cross-Cultural Exchanges,” “Beyond Reading: Strategies to Aid Student Engagement, Comprehension and Retention of Core Texts,” “Emerging Technologies in Higher Education,” “Tapping into Our Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research Traditions,” “Designing Integrated Courses for Significant Learning” and “UGA’s Role in Creating Sustainable Water Resources in the Southeast.”

Faculty learning communities bring together small groups of faculty from different disciplines about every three weeks to consider a topic of mutual interest and learn from each other. More than 70 faculty are participating in the seven FLCs organized and supported this year by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

A luncheon on April 29 with the vice president for instruction will feature reports from the current FLCs and the inaugural meetings of the 2008-09 groups. Detailed descriptions of the communities and applications are available online,