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Faculty research grants

The deadline to submit proposals for internal financial support of research projects through the Faculty Research Grants Program is Oct. 2. 

Eligibility is limited to instructors and assistant professors who are on tenure-track appointments, and to individuals holding the appointment of permanent assistant research scientist in the university “Research Professionals” classification system.  Temporary, visiting, adjunct or part-time faculty are not eligible.  Postdoctoral research associates also are not eligible.

Guidelines for this program are available online (

Proposals in the humanities and arts must be submitted to the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, which also offers a separate grants program for senior faculty in the humanities and arts.  More information is available online (

Faculty who were previously awarded a grant but who have not turned in an initial or final report as required are not eligible for new grant funding.

Report forms for the sciences are available online. The initial report form can be downloaded at The final report form can be downloaded at

Senior initial/final report forms for the humanities and arts can be downloaded at Junior initial/final report forms can be downloaded at­applications/UGARFjr.htm.

Initial and final reports may be submitted electronically to or by campus mail to Jessica Hawks, Program Coordinator, 650 Boyd GSRC, Campus Mail 7411. For more information, call (706) 542-5056.