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Field day to be held Aug. 20 in Midville

To celebrate its official reopening, UGA’s Southeast Research and Education Center in Midville will have a field day Aug. 20. Registration is free and starts at 9 a.m.

Due to a difficult budget period several years ago, operations were suspended at the center located in Burke County, according to J. Scott Angle, dean and director of UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

“When I arrived in Georgia, I said I wanted the facilities opened and put to good use or closed completely and sold,” Angle said. “The community made it clear, and I agree that it was important to reopen the center to meet its original mission of supporting Georgia agriculture.”

The reopening ceremony will follow a complimentary lunch after the field day.

The field day will include a tram to take visitors to fields where CAES experts will present research on the newest crop varieties and performance results, including those used for biofuel. Other topics will be pest management, fungicide application, the best planting dates and fertility.

“All of the major (crop) variety tests are here. People can see how the new varieties perform in this area of the state,” said Anthony Black, the center’s superintendent. “Anyone in production farming will walk away with knowledge from the variety tests.”