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Finance and administration selects two for its ’08–’09 Fellows Program

Two employees in the Division of Finance and Administration have been selected as participants in the F&A Fellows Program. Now in its fourth year, the program offers the special opportunity for division staff to have meaningful work experiences in finance and administration throughout a period of six months (three months in each section). The first cycle began Sept. 1, and the second rotation begins after the first of the year.

The 2008-09 Fellows and their placements are: Darlene Bradley, a university budget analyst for the budget division, who will be serving with human resources and auxiliary and administrative services; and Heath Hardison, an environmental safety specialist with the environmental safety division, who will be serving with the physical plant and human resources.

During this six-month rotation, participants broaden their knowledge of the myriad functions of finance and administration; build their individual knowledge, skills and abilities; and forge connections for potential career growth and advancement. Senior leaders in the participating units or departments work with participants to create intense work and learning opportunities and are responsible for observing, mentoring and evaluating each Fellow. In addition, a few days are set aside for shadowing opportunities in other F&A divisions, as well as several university departments. This exposure provides constructive feedback to participants to prepare them for future career growth opportunities within finance and administration and the university as a whole.

At the conclusion of the six-month rotation program, the Fellows are recognized at a luncheon, which is attended by the senior vice president for finance and administration, all F&A associate vice presidents, and the Fellows’ original and host supervisors.

“I have always believed that one of the key indicators of a healthy organization is the presence of employees who are prepared and ready to move into the ranks of leadership when those opportunities become available,” said Tim Burgess, senior vice president for finance and administration. “Through the Fellows Program, we are developing such a cadre of individuals.”

Selection for the F&A Fellows Program is a highly competitive process. F&A Fellows are chosen through two levels of screening teams. As with every F&A staff development ­programs, participation by females and minorities is encouraged. Of the 10 who have successfully completed or are currently participating in the program, four are minority participants and five are women.