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Horticulturists recommend five plants for beginning gardeners

UGA horticulturists Bob Westerfield and George Boyhan know what it takes to create a prosperous garden. They have created the following helpful hints and a list of the top five easiest plants for beginners:
Green beans. “A trick for green beans is to soak the seeds in a glass of water overnight and then plant them the next day,” Westerfield said. “This speeds the germination process.”
Radishes. “The absolute easiest plant to grow is a radish. They are practically bomb-proof,” Westerfield said. It is the fastest developing vegetable, taking about 28 days to mature.
Eggplants. This vegetable can be grown in a tomato cage or staked. They are easy because they are seldom bothered by problems like insects. They are also extremely prolific.
Peppers. Peppers need plenty of room to expand. They can handle light frost and cooler temperatures. “Peppers are fun to grow because there are so many shapes and colors available,” Westerfield said. “Colors range from dark green to chocolate and even a purple hue.”
Tomatoes. Although Boyhan referred to tomatoes as “tried and true,” both said tomatoes can be quite problematic for beginning gardeners. Tomatoes are usually staked or caged and grown from transplants. Lots of tomato varieties exist, but Westerfield said the cherry tomato is easiest variety to grow.