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Flu vaccine study participants

Researchers at UGA and the Oak Ridge Associated Universities are conducting a study to understand how adults think about adult vaccines and to get their reactions to vaccine education materials.

People ages 19-49 who didn’t get a flu shot or vaccine last year and don’t plan to get one this year are being sought for the study.

Eligibility will be determined through a telephone screening. Eligible subjects will first be sent an online questionnaire to complete, then will be scheduled for a research visit lasting around 60 minutes. During the research visit, participants will view immunization-related education materials and complete study questionnaires.

Subjects will receive compensation of $30 for completing the study. No vaccinations will be given as a part of this study.

The study will be conducted at the Clinical and Translational Research Unit on the UGA Health Sciences Campus.

For more info, call 706-713-2721 or email