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Follow ‘best practices’ guidelines when using social media at UGA

When it comes to posting, tweeting or pinning information about UGA, the Office of Public Affairs and the Social Media Advisory Committee have assembled “best practice” guidelines. For employees participating in social media as an official job function on behalf of UGA, the guidelines suggest:

• Before creating any pages or accounts to conduct university business, secure the approval of your senior manager in writing.

• Post quality content regularly. Spend at least a few minutes every day posting and checking, but don’t overload updates. 

• Accept and monitor comments and replies. Social media is not a one-way broadcast. 

• Use a professional tone. Don’t engage in activity that wouldn’t be acceptable in the workplace, classroom or for a university website. 

• When possible, link to the original source. 

• Don’t post sensitive information about UGA. Do not post information that isn’t a matter of public record.

• Be accurate. If you do make an error, correct it quickly and visibly (deleting the original post is discouraged).

• Respect university time and property. It’s appropriate to post at work only if your comments are directly related to accomplishing work goals. Participate in personal social media conversations on your own time.