Campus News

Football season security

In preparation for the 2007 football season, campus buildings will be kept locked and secure on game days, with the exception of public spaces, including the Main Library, Law Library, Science Library, Tate Student Center, Student Learning Center, Georgia Museum of Art and Visitors Center.

Campus buildings will be considered off-limits on game days, except for legitimate work purposes, and faculty and staff who open buildings on game days will be held individually responsible for janitorial services and security—ensuring that no unauthorized persons enter the building.

To increase available parking on game days, all state vehicles should be removed from campus on Friday afternoons prior to football games and parked at the former location of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center on Riverbend Road. Campus Transit will provide transportation to and from the location every 15 minutes as part of the River’s Crossing route.

State vehicles not removed will be towed, with the expense charged to the department.

For more information, call the University P­olice Department, (706) 542-5813, for vehicle-related questions, or call (706) 542-2200 for building access issues.