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Former Congolese child soldier to speak Sept. 14 about his ‘Journey of Hope’

The University Union Student Programming Board will present a lecture by former Congolese child soldier Michel Chikwanine on Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the Tate Student Center Theatre. His presentation, “From Child Soldier to Activist: The Journey of Hope,” will focus on the struggles faced by child soldiers and on how he used positive thinking to survive.

Chikwanine grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the Second Congo War, also known as the Great War of Africa. He witnessed his father being viciously tortured and his mother raped. Drafted into military service at age 11, he was forced to mature quickly as he learned to operate firearms and fight.

Despite the turmoil of his youth, Chikwanine sought the positive aspects of most situations and encouraged himself to persevere. By emphasizing each individual’s ability to affect change, he has motivated and inspired tens of thousands of people through his life story.

Admission is $10 for the general public and free for students with a valid UGA ID.