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Former staffer finds stories ‘everywhere’

There Is Story Everywhere… If You Will Listen
William “Bill” Hale
Paperback: $14

In There is Story Everywhere… If You Listen, former UGA staffer William Hale offers a collection of short vignettes that find curiosity and meaning in everyday events.

In his introduction, Hale, an associate director at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education for 27 years, wrote, “Storytelling is the oldest form of organized language usage. The ability and desire to tell others about things that both happened and never happened or to spin a yarn for mere entertainment was the beginning of telling and keeping history.”

The book offers dozens of stories—divided into the categories places, people, ideas and things—and covers such topics as war, music, marriage and technology.

Copies of the book are available at ADD Drug Store and Avid Bookshop in Athens.