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Forty-three UGA employees retired June 1, 2015

Forty-three UGA employees retired June 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:

Leonard V. Ball Jr., associate professor, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, 27 years, 8 months; Mary Ann Barrett, program coordinator II, Terry College of Business MBA Programs, 29 years, 5 months; Betty Shockley Bisplinghoff, associate department head, educational theory and practice, 14 years, 9 months; Patricia A. Boatner, business manager I, General Expense-Coastal Plain Station, 18 years; Gloria D. Briscoe, administrative specialist I, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, 26 years, 11 months; James G. Buonaccorsi, associate professor, art, 21 years, 8 months; Ronald E. Butchart, department head, educational theory and practice, 15 years, 9 months; Patsie T. Cannon, project coordinator, animal science-Cooperative Extension, 15 years, 8 months; Michael J. Collins, facilities manager II, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 12 years, 10 months; Michelle Commeyras, professor, language and literacy education, 23 years, 8 months; Mark M. Compton, associate professor, poultry science, 27 years, 10 months; Cynthia B. Daniel, student affairs professional III, Terry College of Business-Dean’s Office, 32 years, 7 months; Thomas A. Eaton, professor, School of Law, 35 years, 10 months; Glenn S. Ebel, cabinet maker, FMD-O&M-Cabinet Shop, 29 years, 8 months; Bruce Ferguson, professor, College of Environment and Design, 32 years, 9 months; Glenn A. Galau, associate professor, plant biology, 34 years, 1 month; Melvin P. Garber, professor, horticulture-Cooperative Extension, 25 years, 2 months; Dale Louis Goodhue, professor, management information systems, 18 years, 8 months; Linda A. Hagerson, administrative associate I, Southwest Research and Education Center-Coastal Plain Station, 28 years, 4 months; Walter Hellerstein, professor, School of Law, 36 years, 9 months; Johnny H. Hoyle, plumber, FMD-O&M-Plumbing Shop, 14 years, 8 months; Yao-Wen Huang, professor, food science and technology, 31 years, 11 months; Amelia P. Hutchinson, senior lecturer, Romance languages, 17 years, 4 months; Joan L. Jackson, associate professor, psychology, 34 years 9 months; Robert G. Jackson, professor, art, 27 years, 8 months; George Johnson, utility locator, FMD-Energy Services Department, 37 years, 7 months; Barbara Ann Mathers, CAPS department manager, University Health Center, 10 years, 8 months; William P. McCormick, professor, statistics, 37 years, 9 months; Mildred E. McElroy, human resources specialist I, Office of Human Resources, 10 years; Jerry D. Nation, equipment operator III, animal science research, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 28 years, 3 months; Michael W. Orr, landscape manager, FMD-grounds maintenance, 34 years, 5 months; Mark E. Price, carpenter, FMD Structural Maintenance Shop, 29 years, 10 months; Gregory J. Reese, project superintendent, FMD-Operations and Maintenance, 32 years, 11 months; Lorilee R. Sandmann, professor, lifelong education, administration and policy, 13 years, 8 months; Sharon L. Self, senior budget analyst, University Budget Office, 25 years; Marionetta Sheats, building services worker II, FMD-SVCS-Building Services-South Campus, 10 years; Theodore Shifrin, professor, mathematics, 33 years, 9 months; Samuel E. Swanson, professor, geology, 20 years, 9 months; Charles Kenneth Tanner, professor, career and information studies, 33 years, 2 months; Robert C. Wicklein, professor, career and information studies, 23 years, 8 months; James W. Wilson, professor, mathematics and science education, 46 years, 11 months; Patricia S. Wilson, professor, mathematics and science education, 28 years, 8 months; and Richard L. Zimdars, professor, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, 30 years, 8 months.