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Four collaborative research proposals receive seed funding

Four collaborative research proposals aimed at encouraging competitive extramural grant proposals involving personnel from both UGA and Georgia Regents University have been selected for funding.

Jointly supported by GRU and UGA, the new seed funding program is intended to promote interdisciplinary or translational research.

A total of 41 proposals were evaluated by faculty and administrators from UGA and GRU for scientific merit and potential to lead to new external grants, and thus the competition was rigorous.
Applicants committed to submitting applications to external funding agencies by specified deadlines.

“These highly competitive seed grants will fund research that builds on the unique strengths and capabilities of UGA and GRU scientists and facilities,” said David Lee, UGA vice president for research.

The funded proposals and their principal investigators are:

• “Role of Helicobacter pylori in the Development of Gastric Cancer.” Robert Maier, microbiology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, UGA; and Artur Muszynski, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, UGA; Stuart Thompson, biochemistry and microbiology, School of Medicine, GRU.

• “Cell Enrichment Microfluidic Chip for Lung Cancer Circulating Tumor Cell Counting.” Leidong Mao, College of Engineering, UGA; Carsten Schroeder, surgery, School of Medicine, GRU.

• “Smart Catheter for Magnetic Resonance Imaging-guided Cardiac Electrophysiology Treatment.” Zion Tse, College of Engineering, UGA; Kent Nilsson, medicine, School of Medicine, GRU.

• “X-ray Inducible Photodynamic Therapy for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment.” Jin Xie, chemistry department, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, UGA; Zhonglin Hao, medicine, School of Medicine, GRU.