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Georgia Debate Union wins tournament

The Georgia Debate Union won the American Debate Association national championship tournament earlier this month in Athens. Nearly 100 teams from around the country attended the American Debate Association’s end of the year championship tournament, hosted at the University of Georgia.  

Seniors Advait Ramanan and Swapnil Agrawal won the American Debate Association’s varsity division national championship and finished the tournament undefeated. Ramanan was also recognized as the top overall speaker in the varsity division.  

Seniors Nathan Rice and Johnnie Stupek finished in third place.  

All four UGA students finished in the top five speakers in the varsity division. 

In addition to winning the ADA National Tournament, the Georgia Debate Union won the season-long award for best Varsity Debate Program in the American Debate Association, another first for the debate program at UGA.