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Georgia Museum of Art to participate in Slow Art Day

Thornton Dial Spirit Painting-h
Thornton Dial's painting "Spirit of Grand Central Station: The Man That Helped the Handicapped."

Athens, Ga. – The Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia will participate in Slow Art Day April 27 at 2 p.m. with an Artful Conversation on Thornton Dial’s large painting “Spirit of Grand Central Station: The Man That Helped the Handicapped.”

Slow Art Day is a global event that celebrates art and encourages people all over the world to visit local museums and galleries to look at art slowly. And Artful Conversation promotes an audience-driven dialogue about one work of art. The discussion relies on the audience’s insights into the work.

“Each Artful Conversation is different because it all comes from the audience and their own personal experiences, what they think about and bring up when they take a closer look at a painting,” said Carissa DiCindio, the Georgia Museum of Art’s curator of education, who runs Artful Conversation.

Artful Conversation encourages viewers to spend more time with a work of art, to make connections with it and to find new ways of seeing it. There are 223 Slow Art Day venues around the world. For more information on Slow Art Day, see

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