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Georgia Poll questions

The Georgia Survey Research Center at UGA will be conducting the 2011 Fall Georgia Poll beginning in late September. To have a question included on this poll of Georgia residents, contact the Georgia Survey Research Center by Sept. 15.

 The Georgia Poll is a statewide RDD telephone survey of more than 500 Georgia residents and is conducted by the Survey Research Center for clients whose needs for survey data do not justify the cost of conducting an entire study. By operating on a cost-shared basis, the center is able to allow clients to gather high quality data in a timely and relatively inexpensive manner. Clients are charged on a per item basis ($500 per fixed-alternative item, $450 per fixed-alternative for five or more questions).

The submitted poll items are incorporated into a larger interview which is then administered to a representative sample of Georgians.

Each client receives univariate and bivariate distributions of study items along with a full battery of demographic items. The center does request permission to include the results of all Georgia Polls in its public data archive after a period of two years from the time of collection. For assistance in drafting questions or additional information, call 706-542-9290 or email James Bason, ­, or Linda White,