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Graduate wins Javits Fellowship

Honors graduate Daniel Gough has been awarded a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship from the U.S. Department of Education to support his doctoral studies in ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago this fall.

Gough, who also was a UGA Foundation Fellow, earned his bachelor’s degrees in music performance (clarinet) and history in spring 2006.

“Danny is a remarkable person, with an extraordinary passion for understanding people through music,” said David S. Williams, director of UGA’s Honors Program and the Foundation Fellows Program.

The Javits Fellowship Program, named for the late U.S. senator for his support of education and the arts, provides financial assistance to outstanding students pursuing doctoral or M.F.A. studies in selected fields of arts, humanities and social sciences. Gough was chosen in the area of music performance, theory, composition and literature.

As a UGA undergraduate, Gough took advantage of the many travel-study opportunities offered through the Foundation Fellowship. He visited more than 20 countries, including a semester in Brazil where he learned Portuguese and conducted field research on the music of Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religion. Under the guidance of UGA music professor and research mentor Jean Kidula, Gough presented this project at the national conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology in 2005.

Since graduating from UGA, Gough has been working towards a master’s degree in music performance at Florida State University.