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Guide brings better learning to classroom

Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes
Jose Antonio Brown and Charles Edward Watson
Paperback: $32, Kindle: $20.79

Teaching Naked Techniques is a practical guide of proven, quick ideas for improving classes and essential information for designing anything from one lesson or a group of lessons to an entire course.

Co-authored by Jose Antonio Brown, president of Goucher College, and Charles Edward Watson, director of UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning, Teaching Naked Techniques is a companion to the award-winning book Teaching Naked, which flips the classroom by placing the student’s first contact with the course material outside of class.

Teaching Naked Techniques helps higher education faculty design more effective and engaging classrooms. There is a chapter on each step in the cycle with an abundance of discipline-specific examples plus the latest research on cognition and technology, quick lists of ideas and additional resources. By rethinking the how, when and why of technology, faculty are able to create exponentially more opportunities for practical student engagement.