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Guide offers advice on growing conifers

Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo for the Southeast
By Tom Cox and John M. Ruter
University Press of Florida

Conifers are among the most beautiful and versatile of all landscape plants, offering year-round variety of color, form and texture. They remain underutilized in the South, in part because of the common misconception that they are not adaptable to the climate. Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo for the Southeast, which will be released on April 16, introduces readers to conifers that grow successfully in Southern landscapes.

Tom Cox, founder of Cox Arboretum and Gardens and John M. Ruter, the Allan M. Armitage Endowed Professor of Horticulture in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, present a variety of conifers that grow from Virginia to Texas. They provide tips on growing, pruning, preventing disease and pest problems, and on proper selection and cultivation requirements.

This guide includes information about what trees to buy, where to plant them and how to maintain them.