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Guide offers valuable knowledge for clinicians

“A Clinical Guide to Treating Behavioral Addictions” comprehensively covers an array of behavioral addictions ranging from internet gaming addiction and sex addiction, to social media addiction and food addiction.

Each chapter in this practical, approachable guide for clinicians answers foundational questions to inform clinical practice, including:

  • How do I conceptualize it?
  • How do I identify it?
  • How do I assess it?
  • How do I treat it?
  • How do I learn more?

Through this innovative resource, clinicians will gain valuable knowledge regarding the conceptualization, identification, assessment and treatment of behavioral addictions.

Each chapter highlights the most current research related to specific behavioral addictions, provides a synthesis of recent neuroscience, and examines diverse treatment approaches to fit the widest range of clinical styles.

In addition, this book describes the evolving definition of addiction, provides examples of how to advocate for clients with behavioral addictions and devotes an entire chapter to understanding the neuroscience of addiction. This clinical reference book will help counselors provide compassionate, effective services to clients with a variety of behavioral addictions.

Author Amanda Giordano is an associate professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s counseling and human development services department.