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Help ‘clear the air’ at UGA

UGA joined other public colleges and universities Oct. 1 in a campaign to “clear the air” for each person studying on, working at or visiting a campus in the University System of Georgia.

UGA’s Clear the Air website at offers tips to help tobacco users successfully break the habit. They include:

Set a target date (birthday, anniversary) to quit. UGA faculty, staff and students also can make an appointment with a tobacco cessation specialist at the University Health Center.

Consider the situations that will trigger the desire to smoke. While quitting, you should keep tobacco products out of reach to avoid temptation. In addition to drinking water often and eating a lower fat diet, tobacco users also should get plenty of sleep.

Begin increasing physical activity to keep metabolic rate higher, reduce tension and increase energy level.

Reward yourself by putting the money that would have been spent on tobacco in a jar every day and then buy yourself a weekly treat. Or save the money for a major ­purchase.

Tobacco users also can stop by the health promotion department, located on the first floor of the University Health Center, and pick up a “Quit Kit,” which includes written material on quitting.