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Help students tackle homework

Although dreaded by most students, homework is an essential part of the learning process. UGA experts say developing a routine, creating a study space and being available for help are the keys to student success with homework.

“Homework should reinforce a love of learning,” said Don Bower, a UGA Extension human development specialist with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. “Too often, it becomes a major headache for the student and parents.”

Parents should learn what routines work for each child and set realistic expectations.

When selecting a student study area, choose a place that is free from distractions. If a study space is equipped with a computer, little more than paper and pen should be needed in terms of supplies. However, some tools like folders, files or drawers can help the student stay organized.

Families should work together to establish a homework routine and set a schedule that allows for flexibility. For example, enforcing a homework session after dinner is easier to manage than a set time. Establishing an amount of time each student in the house needs to spend on homework is another way to manage multiple students and multiple schedules.