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Help UGA reduce electricity usage during last few weeks of summer

As a result of the high summer temperatures, UGA’s energy costs are projected to increase until cooler weather arrives. The Office of Sustainability, which coordinates, communicates and advances sustainability initiatives, suggests taking the following steps to help the university conserve energy and save money:

• Keep thermostats between 75 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit during warm weather. For better circulation, bring in a fan, which will allow for a higher temperature setting on the thermostat.

• Raise the blinds to let in natural light. Make a habit of using drapes and blinds for natural heating and cooling.

• If you must use lights, turn them off before leaving a room. This includes offices, classrooms and restrooms.

• Turn off all monitors when leaving your desk. Shut down your computer before you go home at the end of the day.

• Unplug any equipment, appliances or chargers that are not in use. Power strips also help conserve energy.

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