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Arthur M. Horne, Award for Lifetime Contributions to Prevention Psychology

Arthur M. (Andy) Horne is the dean of UGA's College of Education. Horne has been on the college faculty since 1989 and served four years as head of the college’s department of counseling and human development services. An internationally recognized authority on group counseling and therapy and early intervention for at-risk children

Arthur M. Horne, dean of the College of Education and a Distinguished Research Professor, received the Award for Lifetime Contributions to Prevention Psychology at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference.

He also was named 2011 Group Psychologist of the Year and delivered an invited speech to the membership entitled “Group Psychology Approaches to Reducing Mental Health Problems: Some Efforts that Work, Others We Wished Would Work.”

In addition, Horne is 2011 president-elect of the Society of Counseling Psychology, one of the largest divisions of the APA, and he gave a presentation on prevention research programs being conducted at UGA, focusing on preventing violence and aggression in schools.