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Housing debuts online roommate search

University Housing has launched the DAWG House, an online roommate search program for use by incoming freshmen. The DAWG House was created in 2004 in response to a request from UGA’s Student Government Association to allow new students more participation in the roommate selection process.

The program was created after an extensive search on roommate matching programs for college students found that no system of roommate matching previously used had generated any better results than random matching. A study of more than 700 UGA students found that those who had more control over the process indicated that they were more satisfied with the roommate relationship.

Now available to incoming freshmen after ­registration, the DAWG House Web site will allow new students to create a profile, list ­information about themselves they want others to know and then begin the roommate search for those persons whose profiles most closely match their own.

More than 600 newly accepted UGA students created profiles and searched for roommates in the first two weeks the program was available.